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Doxter Features

1 Simple editor

Format text with a well-known and convenient rich text editor.
Fasten your writing by using Markdown.

2 Easy structuring

Add hierarchy, nesting levels, and tags to structure team knowledge. Search the proper document inside the knowledge base by content, title, tags, and comments.

3 Collaboration tools

Invite teammates to collaborate. Place comments for your team only; it will not be viewed in a published knowledge base.

4 Manage privacy

Publish the space into a knowledge base, share it with teammates, or leave private. You can change privacy anytime.

5 Drafts and history versions

Compare a Draft with a published document before updating the publication. Track content changes done by your teammates and switch between page versions.

6 Import and Export

Import MD files to continue working on your project in Doxter. Export your data into MD or HTML.

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How Knowledge Base Helps Your Business

Create an internal knowledge base for employees

  • centralize company knowledge, share with employees of a particular department;
  • create team wiki for each department in your organization;
  • create an educational knowledge base for new employees training;
  • keep your own product knowledge wiki.

Keep all the information centralized. Consolidate knowledge at the same place: FAQs, company guides, company policies, and procedures - everything is in 2 clicks distance.

Maintain a knowledge base for your customers

53% of adults are likely to abandon the online order if they can't find a quick solution to a problem. Improve your customer happiness and let them find immediate answers. Create

  • document tutorials;
  • guides;
  • FAQ;
  • policies.

Customer knowledge base troubleshoots the primary problems and allows your business to concentrate on more global tasks.

–°reate your private wiki

  • Arrange your ideas, notes, and knowledge in a Modern looking knowledge base.


Is Doxter Wiki or Knowledgebase software?

Doxter is a knowledge base software.
The knowledge base is very familiar to the wiki, yet there is a difference. The knowledge base is created by one person or an authorized group of authors; meanwhile, a wiki can be edited by any user.
In Doxter you can share the access for reading to every internet user yet only teammates (or just you) stays the only one able to edit the docs. You can also use it as enterprise wiki if you grant all the teammates with access to edit. Or you can leave the space private, so no one but you has access to view or edit your personal wiki.

Why Doxter is free?

Doxter is in the process of developing. We have already added a lot of features and still have a lot to add. We consider it unfair to sell the service that does not have all the features we meant to provide it at the beginning. That is why Doxter is free.
Doxter is already helpful and functional service with good structuring tools and powerful search; we are already using Doxter daily for our own documentation. So you can do the same.

How many users I can invite to my team?

Number of users is unlimited.

How can I be sure that my data is secured in Doxter?

Doxter is a project of XB Software, the outsourcing software company and a resident of Belarus High Technologies Park, with 11 years of experience and 150+ employees. The company works in full compliance with ISO 27001 standards. Sensitive/credit information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted into the Payment gateway providers database. To provide the strongest privacy and integrity protection, we use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

I have a proposal on some Doxter features. Could you add them?

Sure. We'll evaluate if this feature is possible to add and give you feedback. Each of your proposals is very welcome. We are grateful to hear any of your thoughts about Doxter.
Please contact us at

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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