Document your projects efficiently and quickly

Service for creating, organizing and publishing
technical documentation

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Comfortable to edit

  • WYSIWYG editor. Format text with a well-known and convenient tool
  • Markdown support. Fasten document writing by using the simple markup language
  • Rich templates. Create your own layout or use one of the ready-to-go templates

Suitable for publishing

  • Publish documentation into a knowledge base
  • Fast performance for a big set of documents
  • Comment module for published documents

Team collaboration

  • Make your points. Place comments for the whole document at once or at the particular phrase you want to highlight.
  • Drafts & history versions. Track content changes done by your teammates and switch between page versions

Powerful search in&out

  • Content Hierarchy and Sectioning. Use folders and tag categorizing to make the document structure as clear as possible
  • Advanced search. Find the proper document by content, title, tags, and comments
  • Published documents are open for indexation and can be found on the Search engine results page

Web app and self-hosted solution

Cloud or your private server. Choose more preferable to your company settings

Branding-friendly customization

Easy customization for your branding. Set domain, logo and brand color for the current document or the whole account at once


Small team

1-10 users


fixed monthly

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unlim users


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Big team

11+ users


per user monthly
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What are the advantages of Doxter?

Doxter is made to be convenient for both using & publishing. Service allows you to work comfortable with tech documentation on your own, together with a team and also performs your work for outer viewers.

Are all the features you announced on your website available for now?

The current release is alpha, and more features are coming soon. For now, all the main features are available:
- creating the spaces and documents,
- publishing,
- sectioning and hierarchy,
- levels of privacy,
- space sharing,
- tags,
- comments,
- drafts & history versions.

How can I try the self-hosted version?

The self-hosted version is in the process of developing. Leave a request at, and we'll contact you as the self-hosted version is ready.

What platform does Doxter support?

The current release is web-hosted.
The self-hosted version is going to support Windows and MacOS.

I have a proposal on some Doxter features. Could you add them?

Sure. We'll evaluate if this feature is possible to add and give you feedback. Each of your proposals is very welcome. We are grateful to hear any of your thoughts about Doxter. Please contact us at

Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

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